ISPs & Telcos

ISPs and Telcos are in the business of connecting people. You recognize that you need to provide "Best of Breed" services to your customers, otherwise they will go somewhere else for their "wire". Today it is harder than ever to keep on top of all the problems surrounding providing email services to your customers. Yet email is the service that they expect the most from.

"Before changing to a MagicMail server... 25% of all customer churn at our company was attributed to problems surrounding Spam and Email services"
-Veronica Cannon, Lake Tahoe On Line

With the technical skills and the hardware requirements becoming bigger and harder to afford all the time, keeping up with today's needs of your customers is even more difficult. Let CityEmail take care of all your problems for only pennies per mailbox. With the most advanced anti-spam tools, simple to use features and custom settings, and a platform built on the renowned MagicMail technology, CityEmail hosted email solutions will reduce your support costs, technical costs and most of all, make happier customers so as to reduce customer loss and allow you to concentrate on your core business.

For more information, please contact our sales office for a quote. whether you have 1,000 users or 100,000 users, our solutions will fit for you. With over 9 years servicing the ISP and Telco markets, we understand your business and want to work with you to provide the best hosted experience available.

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