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CityEmail is an email-hosting provider located in Vancouver, British Columbia. It is a service group that is wholly owned by Wizard Tower TechnoServices Ltd., the developer of MagicMail, a highly successful e-mail server that is currently being used by many industry leading Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to provide service to a growing base of over one million subscribers throughout North America.

CityEmail is making the technology and the operational experience of the MagicMail server team available to ISPs and Telcos as an outsourced service. CityEmail is a proven provider of solid solutions in the increasingly complex email service marketplace. We offer ISPs the opportunity to outsource the email portion of their business and focus their scarce IT and management resources on more strategic activities. We offer them the ability to seamlessly transition from their current subscriber base over to CityEmail while still maintaining their corporate identity through branding. Our API enables us to work with existing back-office systems such as billing and OSS. The CityEmail team has extensive hands-on experience gained through many service transitions.

CityEmail outsourced services are designed to significantly improve the bottom line of the ISP as we provide the highest level of performance. Our feature-rich service, which includes extremely powerful, integrated spam and virus protection, is provided at prices that are targeted to beat in-house solution costs. We provide the means for the ISP to disconnect from current ongoing costs which include such things as hardware, software, server rooms, UPS, security, and bandwidth charges. We eliminate the need for highly skilled and expensive IT personnel associated with the in-house email service as we provide and support (Tiers 2 & 3) the hardware and software.

The email subscriber interface provided with CityEmail is very simple and intuitive. It enables subscribers to do much to manage their own service, thereby reducing the demands on Tier 1 support staff and the associated expense that goes along with it.

CityEmail has extensive experience with over 10 years of servicing the ISP/Telco marketplace.

We provide a total solution that deals extremely effectively with spam and viruses. We relieve management resources by taking over the responsibility of staying ahead of the latest threats and emerging regulatory requirements. Our scalable email service is designed to be a high-end product that will be a credit to the ISP. CityEmail will improve customer loyalty and retention while significantly improving the bottom line of the ISP.


Our Clients Are Our Best References

City Email brings you over 10 years of experience with developing mail server and anti-spam technologies. CityEmail adopts the same exceptional support that has been provided to the ISP and Telco market for years with its in-house solutions and mail server products via the MagicMail email server product created by its sister company.

"Our experience with the MagicMail team has been nothing short of top notch. It's apparent when working with them on technical issues, be it with the support group or the migration team that you know you're working with real professionals in their field." - Brian Howe, NW Netcom

Along with its reliable support team, CityEmail is built on the same industry leading MagicMail anti-spam technology that has been cited by ISPs to be one of the top solutions for fighting spam.

"I believe it to be the best spam filtering solution there is. The support I get is also the BEST."- Aaron Thompson, Mutual Telephone

Built on the same easy-to-use, stable MagicMail technology deployed at ISPs and Telcos throughout North America, that millions of users log into every day, you can be assured that you are getting the "Best of Breed" for your customers.

Still not convinced? We are proud of our reputation, and our customers are our best advocates. Why not call one of our sales representatives now, and we can put you in touch with customers just like you. We understand your business and we want to work with you to provide the best hosted experience possible.

Sales Department
#405 - 860 Homer St.
Vancouver, BC, Canada, V6B 2W5
Ph: 604.682.0300

For information on Business Development, Resellers, Partnering, or Investor relations, you can reach our offices by phone as indicated above, or our email address is bizdev@cityemail.com